Lost class ring of woman who died of cancer returned to father

A lost 2001 high school class ring of a woman who died from breast cancer five years ago at age 32 has been returned to her father.

“I was just absolutely speechless, floored at that point,” Conrad Davis, of Lisbon, Maine, who received the lost ring in the mail shortly before Father’s Day, said, according to NECN and NBC10 Boston.

Davis’ daughter, Nicole, who worked in the family’s landscaping company, died on May 23, 2016, from breast cancer, and the ring helps remind him of her.

“Honestly, when I would hold the ring, it was actually like holding her hand,” he said.

Davis added his daughter lost the high school class ring 15 years ago at the University of Maine, but didn’t tell him, according to her brother, because she didn’t want to upset him.

The silver band with Nicole’s name inside it arrived with a message from a woman in Whitefield, Maine.

The woman said in the message her husband found the ring by chance while looking through a bag of rod hooks in his barn.

In effort to return the ring, the family looked her up and found out that she died, according to NECN, then found Davis’ address and mailed it to him with a letter that said, “may its returned presence bring a you a measure of comfort.”

Davis told NECN and NBC10 Boston he is grateful to the family, and he hopes the story will inspire other people to show kindness.